Xtrime Nicotine Pouches (X/Black Series) - Review. 19 May 2021.


I reviewed the Xtrime Nicotine Pouches line in late 2020.  Xtrime is a product of NGP Sweden, makers of Killa Nicotine Pouches, Pablo Nicotine Pouches, and others.  When I had the Xtrime products last time, I noted that they were much better than other NGP offerings.  Those products were around 16.5mg/g, but these are much stronger, at 30mg/g.  These also come in black-topped cans to differentiate them from other products in the line.  Today, we're going to be talking about four products!  Each can weighs 15g and has 20 portions for 0.75g portions.  The nicotine content, as mentioned before, is 30mg/g (3.0%), or 22.5mg/portion.  So as not to get too redundant, there are some attributes of these that are the same:  portion material, nicotine strength, and flavor longevity.  Where they differ is aroma and flavor.  So, I'm going to cover those 3 commonalities first, then we'll get into individual reviews of each product.


Portion Material - All of these portions are slim-fit, moderately moist, and have a pretty soft, comfortable portion material in the lip.  

Nicotine Strength - In terms of strength, all of these kick pretty hard, and deliver at the extra strong level.

Flavor Longevity - The flavor longevity is about the same for all of these: about 40-45 minutes.


Xtrime Nicotine Pouches: X-Lime
Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of fresh lime".

Review:  The aroma of this one is a mild lime smell.  It's tart in nature, and seems to be pretty mentholated.  In the flavor, the lime flavor is fresh, and mild.  It's tart, and not overly sweet.  It's not too strong in presence, and not too weak.  Also, there is a subtle cooling nature to the taste.


Xtrime Nicotine Pouches: X-Iceberry

Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of fresh berries".

Review:  The aroma of this one is a mild berry smell.  It kinda reminds me of a mix of blackberry and raspberry.  In the flavor, the berry taste is relatively sweet, but not overly sweet.  It has a nice raspberry presence in the front, along with a hint of blackberry behind it.


Xtrime Nicotine Pouches: X-Freeze

Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of fresh mint".

Review:  This one has a pretty sharp, present aroma of menthol.  It's straight up menthol.  This one also has a nice cooling presence under the lip.  In the flavor, again, it's straight up menthol.  It's a little on the sweeter side, but not overly sweet.


Xtrime Nicotine Pouches: X-Cold

Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of fresh peppermint".

Review:  Yes, I know, another mint nicotine pouch.  The one thing the world of nicotine pouches is missing.  But, every line has to have at least one, so let's talk a little about X-Cold.  This one has a pretty smooth smell of peppermint.  The peppermint is lightly sweet, and fresh in nature.  Being a mint product, in the lip you'll encounter a cooling presence when you put a pouch in.  In terms of flavor, it's peppermint, of course.  The peppermint is milder in nature, and pretty gentle and smooth.  It's a little sweet, but not too overly sweet.


Rating and Final Thoughts


All in all, these products are pretty average.  Not bad, not great, just average.  Of the four, the lime one and the iceberry ones are the only ones I would recommend trying if you want to try this line.  The products are much too strong in terms of strength for me, but some people are into that sort of thing.  To rank them, X-Lime came in at 2.75/5, X-Iceberry came in at 2.675, X-Cold came in at 2.58/5, and X-Freeze came in at 2.42/5.  If you want to try the Xtrime line, I'd suggest the lower nicotine variants.  But, if you're someone who enjoys this high octane stuff, again, try the lime and iceberry flavors.